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Bruce Ferrero (DiskussionBeiträge)

Hello I have recently started repairing and restoring old radios. I have repaired/restored 4 Zenith tube radios and 3 Zenith tube amplifiers and two record players. I have recently acquired a Loewe Opta Venus stereo radio American version. It is quite different than the Zenith radios, but it is up and working and sounds great. Thank you Bruce Ferrero

Hans (DiskussionBeiträge)

Hello Bruce A Zenith radio cannot be compared to a Loewe or Telefunken or any other German radio. I do not want to make your radios bad because I think there is a lot here that has been adopted by you but then improved, and so you had something new. Yes, the Loewe Opta Venus is a very nice device. Unfortunately I could only send you the German documents, export documents are always something that even Loewe did not have.

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